2017 Wool Assessor- Courtney Sutherland

Based in Wagin Western Australia I’ve been involved in the industry for 30 years now as initially a breeder and a blade shearer and now as a stud/commercial classer. Lucky enough these days to class and consult to breeders and producers right across Australia (WA,SA,NSW,VIC ). I’ve seen the massive changes faced by the industry with the loss of the reserve price scheme. The challenges the change of land use with the move to cropping have brought on breeders in the last 10/15 years along with the debates outside of breeders control. As the merino has constantly changed to meet the market influences of the day .The constant drive to keep the merino relevant and   profitable with these changes has become the ultimate goal.
Courtney Sutherland

2017 Meat Assessor- Jarrod Slattery

 I am 36 years of age and live in Wagga Wagga with my wife Lauren and sons Patrick and Benjamin.  I Spent my childhood in Horsham (VIC), before moving to Naracoorte (SA) in 2001 starting with the then ‘Wesfarmers Dalgety’ as a Livestock Trainee.  Then moved to Hamilton (VIC) for 18 months as a junior Livestock Agent.  I moved to Wagga Wagga in June 2003 taking on an established cliental with the now ‘Landmark’.  Since then I have managed to expand my business with my cliental now selling 110,000 sheep and 9,000 cattle per year.  I have a passion for the Livestock Industry and especially the sheep industry where a lot of time is spent.  I have particularly enjoyed the genetic improvement and growth of our local sheep producing businesses in the Riverina as the Australian ‘Sheep Enterprise’ becomes very popular option in Agriculture. Looking forward to being involved in the Peppin-Shaw Riverina Ewe Flock Forum

 Jarrod Slattery